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Vladimir Pozner to join NBC Olympics coverage in Sochi

Moscow-based TV journalist Vladimir Pozner will be a correspondent for NBC Olympics’ late-night show with Bob Costas during the Sochi Games. “With his deep Russian roots and American upbringing, Vladimir Pozner is uniquely qualified to provide a Russian outlook to our audience during the Sochi Olympics,” said Jim Bell, Executive Producer, NBC Olympics. “At yet another significant moment in Russia’s …

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People On Top Are Scared

As one of the most recognizable personalities on Russian television, Vladimir Pozner is no stranger to the spotlight. But the 78-year-old veteran journalist found himself in the midst of a controversy last month after lambasting the state of justice in the country during his popular show on state-controlled Channel One. Pozner harshly criticized the abduction and alleged torture of opposition …

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Focus on Russia: The Russian Talk Show

General partners of ReedMIDEM in organizing Focus on Russia, Channel One Russia and Red Square Group, kindly invite all MIPCOM2011 participants to attend an excluvise and key event of the Focus of Russia programme: a talk-show with Vladimir Pozner. Top managers representing key media companies will discuss the current state of the Russia media market on the whole as well …

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An exclusive interview with the famous English rock musician and actor. Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner, known by his stage name Sting, answers Vladimir Pozner’s questions. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hq_uRc9lgzQ

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A Citizens’ Summit Revisited

Geneva, Switzerland, 1985: U.S. President Reagan and Soviet General Secretary Gorbachev meet during a tense period of the Cold War. It’s their first summit, and the first between any American and Soviet leaders in six years. While this renewed engagement at the highest levels was critical to the beginning of the end of the Cold War, another groundbreaking summit would …

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Extended interview: Vladimir Pozner

Russia’s most influential TV political talk-show host, Vladimir Pozner, talks with FRONTLINE/World’s Victoria Gamburg about President Putin’s tight control of the media and why the country’s political opposition has failed to make an impact. He also responds to the general criticism in the West that Russia is moving away from democracy, not toward it. “You can’t be impatient with a …

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