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U.S. – Soviet Summit (1987)

U.S. - Soviet Summit (1987)

Vladimir Pozner, a correspondent for the Soviet State Radio and Television, spoke to the National Press Club about the attitudes and expectations of the Soviet Union from the perspective of a “man on the street”. After his speech, mr Pozner answered questions from the audience.? Anne Orleans: Chairwoman. National Press Club – Newsmaker Vladmir Pozner: Correspondent. U.S.S.R. State Radio and …

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Spacebridge – “Citizens Summit”

Spacebridge - "Citizens Summit"

The first spacebridge hosted by Phil Donahue and Vladimir Pozner, linking live audiences in Leningrad and Seattle, on December 29, 1985. This program touched on sensitive cultural issues, including the famous response by one Russian woman that was translated as “we don’t have sex in the Soviet Union.”

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