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A Citizens’ Summit Revisited

Geneva, Switzerland, 1985: U.S. President Reagan and Soviet General Secretary Gorbachev meet during a tense period of the Cold War. It's their first summit, and the first between any American and Soviet leaders in six years. While this renewed engagement at the highest levels was critical to the beginning of the end of the Cold War, another groundbreaking summit would …

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Extended interview: Vladimir Pozner

Russia’s most influential TV political talk-show host, Vladimir Pozner, talks with FRONTLINE/World’s Victoria Gamburg about President Putin’s tight control of the media and why the country’s political opposition has failed to make an impact. He also responds to the general criticism in the West that Russia is moving away from democracy, not toward it. “You can’t be impatient with a …

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Vladimir Pozner: «The Soviet people were getting information that had been processed»

Interviewer: Vladimir, can you tell me about your first job when you found out you were editing dis-information stories for the third world? Vladimir Pozner: When I started working at Novosty Press agency I worked in a department that was called the Department of Political Publications. It was my first job as quote, unquote a journalist. I was given articles …

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Crisis in Russia (1993)

Foreign correspondents and diplomats spoke in a forum on the situation in Russia during a meeting of newspaper editors.  The panelists discussed the probable future course of action for Russia, and the appropriate foreign policy stance for the U.S. to maintain during the current political crisis in Russia.  The speakers responded to questions from members of the audience following their …

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Vladimir Pozner and Phil Donahue: Joint Television Venture in the Soviet Union (1991)

Mr. Donahue and Mr. Pozner spoke about a new joint television venture scheduled to be launched on Soviet TV.  Mr. Pozner spoke about the failed coup by Communist hard-liners and collapse of communism in the Soviet Union, and their effects on communication and politics in that country. Phil Donahue hosts a nationally syndicated talk show in the United States, and Vladimir Pozner was the …

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Radio Moscow’s New York accent

Maybe you have seen Vladimir Pozner on ''Nightline'' or ''Donahue.'' Born in France and raised in the United States, he made his career in the Soviet Union as an unaccented American voice on Radio Moscow's North American service and lately has been gracing American television, expounding on this and that. ''Parting With Illusions'' purports to be an account of his …

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A Soviet talk-show host who grew up in America says his dual identity cost himcredibility in both countries.

Out on Boylston Street, in front of a snow-covered Boston Common, a film student from Emerson College eagerly approached a familiar-looking figure. "Excuse me," Lauren Renihan, 21, said to the silver-haired man in the trench coat. "Aren't you Mr. Vladimir?" That is how identifiable Vladimir Pozner has become to American followers of events in the Soviet Union. A frequent guest …

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U.S. — Soviet Summit (1987)

Vladimir Pozner, a correspondent for the Soviet State Radio and Television, spoke to the National Press Club about the attitudes and expectations of the Soviet Union from the perspective of a "man on the street". After his speech, mr Pozner answered questions from the audience.  Anne Orleans: Chairwoman. National Press Club - Newsmaker Vladmir Pozner: Correspondent. U.S.S.R. State Radio and …

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