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Vladimir Pozner on Putin’s next six years

After the reelection of Vladimir Putin, journalist and TV host Vladimir Pozner tells François Picard of the challenges facing the Russian President and his Soviet era-trained entourage.

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Intelligence Squared debates: «Russia should be our friend, not our foe»

Enough sabre-rattling against Russia! For years, the cold warriors of the Western establishment have been banging the drum against Putin’s resurgent ‘evil empire’. But now there’s a new man in the White House, and he’s got a different approach. President Trump has ripped up the foreign policy playbook, promised a more constructive policy towards Russia and praised Putin as a …

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Is Russia involving itself in the US election?

Beverley O'Connor speaks to journalist Vladimir Pozner, who has both American and Russian citizenship, about the politics behind Russia and the US election. The World is broadcast on ABC News 24 at 10pm AEST. Beverley O'Connor brings you the day's national and international news, with reports from the ABC's network of reporters and international correspondents. Monday to Friday, The World …

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