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Intelligence Squared debates: «Russia should be our friend, not our foe»

Enough sabre-rattling against Russia! For years, the cold warriors of the Western establishment have been banging the drum against Putin’s resurgent ‘evil empire’. But now there’s a new man in the White House, and he’s got a different approach. President Trump has ripped up the foreign policy playbook, promised a more constructive policy towards Russia and praised Putin as a …

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Vladimir Pozner: Trump’s administration isn’t pro-Russian

When US President-elect Donald Trump takes office next month, one of his most closely-watched moves will be how he deals with Russian President Vladimir Putin. But already this week, there have been clear indications as to how he envisages the future of US-Russia relations—choosing a Moscow-friendly US Secretary of State in Exxon Mobile chief Rex Tillerson. This comes just days …

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Vladimir Pozner shares candid views on U.S.-Russia relations

“You cannot force the Russians to do anything,” veteran Russian journalist and author Vladimir Pozner told a packed Irvine Auditorium audience of students, faculty, staff and community members during a public lecture on September 7. The comment was aimed at the discredited notion that the Soviet Union collapsed because the Reagan Administration forced it into an arms race, but also …

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