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Vladimir Pozner on Putin’s next six years

After the reelection of Vladimir Putin, journalist and TV host Vladimir Pozner tells François Picard of the challenges facing the Russian President and his Soviet era-trained entourage.

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Intelligence Squared debates: «Russia should be our friend, not our foe»

Enough sabre-rattling against Russia! For years, the cold warriors of the Western establishment have been banging the drum against Putin’s resurgent ‘evil empire’. But now there’s a new man in the White House, and he’s got a different approach. President Trump has ripped up the foreign policy playbook, promised a more constructive policy towards Russia and praised Putin as a …

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Vladimir Pozner: Trump’s administration isn’t pro-Russian

When US President-elect Donald Trump takes office next month, one of his most closely-watched moves will be how he deals with Russian President Vladimir Putin. But already this week, there have been clear indications as to how he envisages the future of US-Russia relations—choosing a Moscow-friendly US Secretary of State in Exxon Mobile chief Rex Tillerson. This comes just days …

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Vladimir Pozner shares candid views on U.S.-Russia relations

“You cannot force the Russians to do anything,” veteran Russian journalist and author Vladimir Pozner told a packed Irvine Auditorium audience of students, faculty, staff and community members during a public lecture on September 7. The comment was aimed at the discredited notion that the Soviet Union collapsed because the Reagan Administration forced it into an arms race, but also …

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